How does sign up and payment work?

Updated at: Jul 05, 2016

​Sign Up Process:

Go to:

Once you have selected a plan. Simply hit the Order Now button below the package you would like. This will take you to the product order page where you can verify the package you want, and submit your personal information.

From there you will be taken to the Direct Debit setup page to put in your account number and sort code. 

Once the account information has been confirmed you will receive an email linking you to the booking site.

How Payment Works:

At the point of ordering our service you will be shown a summary of the payment amounts due straight away and the monthly amount you will be charged for the service. Please take note of these as it's important you understand how much the service will cost.

The process for the first payment on a new service is as follows:

  1. On the day you order, you will create your Direct Debit agreement with our payment handling partner, GoCardless.
  2. Around 3-5 working days after ordering, we'll debit your account with the amount shown as due straight away at the time of ordering. This comprises the first 1 month service charge plus any applicable installation charge.
  3. After the service is installed at your property, and the router we provide is connected to the internet, your service begins. You have already paid for the first month of the service when ordering, and so we will debit your account at the start of the second month AFTER you are connected to the Bliss Internet network.

By way of an example, if you sign up with us on 14 June and we install your service on 26 June here's how payment would work:
  • Your first payment would be collected from your account around 18-20th June
  • We would install your service on 26 June
  • Your second payment would be collected from your account around 26th July