What security should I consider?

Updated at: Nov 23, 2018

This is a tough question to answer in just this short knowledgebase, but here are a few basic pointers to follow.

Standard Users

Follow these simple rules and you should be protected:

  1. Do not allow untrusted users to access your network - this includes sharing your wireless password or allowing them to plug into your router.
  2. Ensure you set a strong password on your wireless network.  All Bliss routers come with a strong password by default and you can request us to change it at any time.
  3. Do not share your router's administrator password with anyone except Bliss support staff.  If you need technical help with router changes contact us and we will help in anyway we can.
  4. Do not disable the router firewall or open any ports in the router unless you know what you are doing.  Our routers come with UPnP enabled.  UPnP is a protocol which a majority of devices that need ports opened use in order to automatically open those ports in a safe manner.

Advanced Users

We protect the network up to your router, at which point it becomes your responsibility. Your router will be granted an external IP that is visible to the internet, which means the router's firewall is your protection from external attack. Should you choose to make changes to the router configuration that reduces security, you are deemed to understand the risks of doing so!