5 repeaters live and customers realigned

Alignment work just about complete
The work we've been doing to adjust customer alignments and make use of our repeaters around the village has been completed in the main. Around 95% of our customers now have awesome signal levels and should be achieving speeds significantly higher than before the changes.

Some customers will remain aligned with the mast instead of a repeater, and we have assessed these based on location and current signal levels. If we've not been to your home, it's because you are still aligned to the mast and a visit is not needed.

Further improvements planned for some
There are a few customers that require additional work to make the most of the repeaters - like relocating their device to another part of the property etc. These customers will be contacted directly to arrange the works.

Areas still needing attention
We've managed to cover the majority of the village with the repeaters we've installed so far. There are 2 main regions that require additional work to improve the overall signal for customers. These are:
1. Around Lyminton Lane, Falconer Way and surrounding streets. Some customers here have excellent signal but others are obstructed.
2. Around Station Road and the higher numbers on Treetown Crescent. A repeater site is yet to be confirmed for this area, so signal levels remain too low to receive a service.

Overall status
These latest changes have improved the signals for the majority of customers and locations within the village. This means that many customers are now receiving excellent speeds. We are pleased to say that we consider this work to be a success, and whilst we continue to work towards 100% good signal coverage we are very happy with the results being reported to us since these changes.