Building Something from Nothing

Having the internet at our fingertips is something we have all come to appreciate these days. Having a good connection is important to allow us to access the content available. When our Managing Director Chris, went to have the internet connected, he found that the offering from BT was not enough to satisfy his needs nor the requirements for his business.

Digital Region

The government initiative ‘Digital Region’ had failed to procure the necessary number of connections to stay a viable alternative to BT. So, the company collapsed and the fibre connections went with them. Leaving many without a broadband connection.


The village of Treeton, seemed to have been left out in the fibre broadband implementation planning. So, there was no alternative to the copper wired connections from BT. Frustrated by this history and bolstered by the fact that so many in the village felt the same about the situation, Chris, with his extensive IT knowledge, considered the possibility of creating an Internet service provider (ISP)  just for Treeton.

An ISP was born

Having consulted with the Parish Council prior to commencement to ensure that creating an ISP would not cause problems, and completed a door to door survey to gauge interest. It was quite clear that the answer lay in providing the internet service from Treeton itself. As digging up the roads requires many permits and hassle for the local community, it was decided to use wireless technology and ‘beam’ the internet out to homes. Read our blog ‘The Technical Behind the Improbable’ to learn more about how this works.


The company, Bliss was created to support the network. The initial investment for the whole infrastructure and equipment, came from Chris’ own business, Impelling Solutions Ltd, and the company still gives ongoing support to Bliss.

New Areas

Now that the service to Treeton is proven to work and give a reasonable alternative to slow broadband. Bliss is eager to bring this solution to other areas in the South Yorkshire region. If you are in one of those areas forgotten by the larger ISP’s then please get in touch