The Deep and the Dark Web, not all shady.

You may have heard about the Deep web or the Dark web and not always understood what they are exactly. Here we hope to demystify them and let you know that in some ways they are here to protect you on the Surface web itself.

Deep Web

The Deep web is where a lot of hidden but essential content is live, but not accessed by search engines, such as Google. We call it the ‘Deep Web’ as it is describing it, by explaining that searching the internet is like dragging a net across the surface of the ocean, you get a lot of data, however so much more is at a deeper level. This is where your internet banking pages live, only accessed after you input your combination of security questions, passwords, or pin numbers. Newspapers keep their content hidden using paywalls, and so this is on the Deep Web. Your website content manager software is also on the Deep web, as it is only searchable after being made live.  Sometimes, people and some media reporters use the terms ‘Deep’ and ‘Dark’ synonymously, however they are two different things.

Dark Web

This term describes content and pages, that are on ‘The darknet’ or networks that need particular software to access. Using a layered encryption system, often called an ‘onion’ service. Because of the many layers, darknet users have the luxury of complete anonymity, without geotagging and the ability to view IP addresses of either host or users. This of course, means a lot of the activity on the Dark web is illegal. Most transactions on this level are in bitcoins, to keep that anonymity. This is also where drugs trafficking, human traffickers, child pornography and hackers, trading in malware and viruses, operate. Several agencies maintain a presence in order to work with these users. In fact, Facebook has a site on the Dark Web too, as this gives people who are in oppressive regimes, or war torn areas, the ability to communicate with the outside world, without being identified.

Surface Web

This is where most of the webpages you access via a search engine, lives. We can easily find these pages and these are the pages that Google rank according to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guidelines. You can surf at this level and just dip into the Deeper web when you need to access the hidden stuff.

This page you are reading has already been on the Deep web, hidden on the website content manager, until published. Now it is on the Surface Web, though, if it is shared by a Darknet user it will be on the Dark Web too.