Your Office at Home.

Are you one of the millions who now work from home, either part-time or fully home office based? So many of us have changed the way we work to fit around our modern lives. How can you improve things for your work-life balance when you are steps from both places?

Room for an office

When you are working at home it is so easy to just let work slip as you relax in your own personal space. Keeping yourself focussed and on task can be a little bit of a balancing act. One piece of advice is to define, when you are at work. You could just use one room as your office and making a conscious rule to be ‘at work’ when you are in there. However, we often have dual purposes for the room we call the office, often it is a spare bedroom, or the dining table. So, another way is to use time, so, between 9am -5pm you are ‘at work’. It is tempting to slouch on the sofa, TV on and expect to get work done. This will not work.


One big tip is to plan your work for the day. Listing tasks to complete and ticking then off. When you do not have your boss around it can be easy to let things slip.


This is vital if you are to be successful and productive working from home. Most home office workers need to connect back with the head office to collaborate. Self-employed people need to stay connected to receive emails and send out work files. Choose a dedicated business service, so that if there is a loss of connection, you are first to be reconnected as part of the business contract. Also, you will not be fighting with your teenager when they are on-line gaming. Here at Bliss we have several packages to suit businesses from one-man bands and up. You will not need as fast a connection as your domestic one, as you are usually not uploading large files nor streaming high quality video.

Proper Breaks

It is very tempting to just nip in and out of your office and pop a wash on, or tidy the kids room and before you know it, the times gone. Plan your day carefully. Take a full lunch hour, even, get out and take a walk. A rest from your screen, every now and then, by changing tasks and having a stretch from sitting at your desk.

We hope that these tips will help you work from home, and remain focused.