Blissful solution to slow internet speeds

From the desk of Chris Foulstone, Managing Director of Bliss Internet

We live in a digital era. For many of us, the internet is our lifeline where we can conduct our day-to-day lives, from internet shopping and social media to running a business.

It’s safe to say that we’ve all come to expect instant, speedy access to the internet wherever we may be, and with the way the digital world is moving that doesn’t look likely to change any time soon. 

But a recent study by the Fix Britain’s Internet campaign showed that the Sheffield City Region has one of the slowest average download speeds at 18.36mbps. That puts us in the bottom five cities for slow download speeds across the UK, and miles behind even the smallest of villages in eastern Europe.  

Fortunately, Bliss is bucking the region’s trend. Our service offers upload and download speeds of up to 30mbps - almost double the average speeds in the region. 

Before we existed, the internet in Treeton was provided by a government funded project that was unfortunately un-funded and scrapped in October 2014. I, like my fellow villagers, was left bitterly disappointed and frustrated.

From that point, the internet coverage we were receiving in Treeton was very, very poor. We’re talking 1 – 2 mb download speeds. It left us in a digital blackhole. Major internet providers weren’t interested in improving service to Treeton and the impact on households and businesses alike was significant.

But I knew there had to be a better way so I decided to develop an idea for our own community wireless internet service. And so, Bliss was born. 

Where other providers would struggle, we’ve bypassed the traditional methods and innovated to combat slow internet speeds and provide the residents of Treeton, with fast, reliable broadband. 

Bliss is delivered to homes using revolutionary wireless technology and doesn't need a landline or cable connection into a property. This means if you don't use your landline for phone calls, you could get rid of it all together, saving around £15 per month.

Unlike other providers, our plans are 100% unlimited, which means you can download as much as your broadband will allow without any limits on the amount of data you're allowed to consume, or speed restrictions at certain times of the day.

Even the smallest of ideas can have a real impact on the community and I am very proud of how Bliss continues to innovate and pioneer new technologies to provide fast, reliable and honest broadband to the residents of Treeton.

Find out more about our residential plans here.