Bole Hill Upgrade 2nd June

Essential Upgrade to Bole Hill Repeater Site
    We are performing some upgrades at our repeater site at Bole Hill on Thursday morning the 2nd of June 2016. The work is expected to be complete within a 4 hour window but a 8 hour window has been allocated to be safe.

Who is affected?
    Customers located on and around Bole Hill, Well Lane, Treetown Crescent, and some customers on Beaumont Park will all experience loss of connection during the works.
    Once the work is complete we'll update this network issue to confirm. A reboot of your equipment may be required to restore your connection after the work. Details of the process can be found in our knowledgebase article.

UPDATE 02/06 @ 2:00pm:

The works have been completed at around 1:15PM after 4 hours of downtime for affected customers.The Bole Hill Repeater has now been upgraded!

For anyone still struggling to connect, please refer to the following article and if you’re still having trouble after, submit a ticket.

Apologies for any inconvenience.