Difficult couple of days

As promised we've got an update regarding the issues affecting the network over the past couple of days. Before going into detail about the problem we should confirm that the network is now running as normal and we're hoping there are no more outages. If you're still struggling to connect drop us a support ticket through the website and we'll help you out.

The problem was to do with the equipment that runs the back link out to the internet from our mast in Treeton. It's been difficult for our engineers because the problem looked like faulty equipment but still remained even after swapping equipment for new. Combine this with the complexity of the network required to deliver the internet to Treeton and the result has been a lot of frustration. Fortunately though the engineers have told us they've managed to stabilise things and we're going to keep a close eye on it over the weekend.

We understand our customers get frustrated when things go wrong as well which is why we're doing absolutely everything we can to prevent this happening in the future. The back-link is the most vulnerable part of our network with the most serious consequences when things go wrong. For this reason we're replacing the back-link entirely with super reliable fibre set in the ground. We hope to have the fibre in place by the end of the November, keeping the wireless link as a fail-over option. This will improve reliability no end. We of course continue to do all we can to improve speeds for everyone as well with continuous upgrades to the network planned over the coming weeks.

We apologise whole heartedly for any inconvenience caused over the past couple of days and we're doing all we can to make sure it doesn't happen again.