Equipment Upgrade - 15 August 2018

What's happening?

Access Point Equipment Upgrade: 

We will be upgrading the radio on one of our mast access points.

Who will this impact?

A few customers may go offline for no more than one hour. We expect to be able to move most if not all of our customers to backup access points so that they are not down the entire time the work is being done.  However, these customers will experience momentary loss of connection as they connect to the backup access point and then again when they are switched back.  These drops should last no more than 10-20 minutes.


The upgrades have been completed.  Testing is complete and customers to access point ratio is balanced once again.  As all things should be.

Additional Information:

Some customers may experience a loss of connectivity beyond these times if their devices fail to dial back into the network after the changes.  Fixing the issue should be as simple as turning off your equipment, waiting 30 seconds, turning it back on again and waiting a maximum of 5 minutes.  

If after doing so you still can not get back online contact us by:

Submitting a ticket to

Logging into your bliss account here: Login and submitting a ticket

or calling us on 0114 303 3311