Exciting update on installations

We have a location for our mast. We have internet connectivity to the data centre. We have the kit to connect you to the mast. We have an actual plan, that does not rely on Openreach, that we can begin to roll out over the next few weeks.

This means we can give you a proper estimated date for the first customers to be connected.

And here it is: 20 April is our internal target for the first wave of customers to be connected and live. The rest of the customers would then be connected over the following week or 2.

As part of the delivery we need to order and erect a 12m high mast, which takes time and skill. This should be easily achievable in the time we've allocated, but is the only foreseeable cause for delay. We'll keep you all up to speed on progress along the way.

Thanks everyone for your patience so far and hopefully for your patience over the next few weeks whilst we build our wireless network.