Fibre is on its way!

Openreach have been on site again
Several times this week, we've had Openreach engineers on site working on fibre. They've blown in fibre at both ends of the link and we're now waiting on fit, config and test to happen. Once all this is done the circuit will be put live and handed over to us, at which point we can migrate our connection onto it.

What will fibre mean for customers?
The main benefit of the fibre link is that both latency and stability between Treeton and Holbrook will improve significantly. We expect to shave a good chunk off the ping results you see over the current wireless link. The annoying brief outages we see occuring on should also be a thing of the past. It is very unlikely that the fibre will bring any improvements in speed to customers, but our new dedicated PTP links for repeaters should (we're just waiting for better weather to install these safely as it involves climbing our mast).

We're super-excited for fibre to finally be this close, and we will of course keep customers up to date on progress during these final stages. Hopefully it won't be too much longer now!