How-to secure your passwords

If you are on the internet, then you probably have been entering a number of passwords. Each time it can be frustrating and remembering all of them becomes more difficult as we hold increasingly more accounts. Here we shall attempt to help you with composing and remembering all of them.

Making Passwords up

We all know that each password should be different to the others. However, we are also supposed to change them regularly too! The frustration is very real.

There are several ways that you could make up passwords:

One example is using the capitals, symbols, and numbers to represent letters, spelling out a word, e.g. 8uTt3RfLY -Butterfly. The trouble with this password, is that there are so few numbers and symbols, that look like letters, it is easier for a hacker to guess.

Using three very different words is quite secure too, e.g. CapeTreePuppy. This style of password is OK; however, we need a different one for each account. If you can create a string of five words, then this is much more secure and harder for hackers.

The safest is a password with no reference, just a mix of letters, capitals, symbols etc. ^Tj*v3h?Ld97F. These are very hard to remember. These must be devised so that even the order that they appear on the keyboard is not a factor in their creation.

Remembering a password

Once we have a secure password, remembering it is the next stage. There are a few tricks you can use to remember.

You could write them all down as you create them. You would then have to carry them around with you, which is not very secure at all! Although, it might be an idea to pop all your passwords together in a safe , so that your family and ‘unlock’ your life after your passing.

One way would be to use the five-word string, but put the name of the site you are creating a password for into the middle e.g. CapeTreeEbayPuppyCushionTomato

Or not remember at all and just go through the process of ‘forgot my password’ and getting the new password link.

Password Managers

These are incredibly useful! You have one password to remember, the one to access the software, and then each time the input fields come up, they automatically enter the username and password for you. The one we recommend in the office is LastPass, which will also help you generate some very secure passwords.