How to Search Google Effectively.

We all use search engines to look for content on the web, but not all of us know how to use all the search engines tools effectively. We are going to give you some hints and tips on how to find exactly what you are looking for.

Choose your words carefully

When you put words into the search engine input bar, it looks for those words on the internet. The order you put those words into will affect the outcomes, so put the most important first.  If you want them in a particular order then place “quotation marks “around the phrase. If you do not want a word, then place a minus sign, so, put Jaguar animal-Car if you are just interested in the animal.

Search in Specific Sites

If you just want to search a particular site the ‘site:’ function will come in handy. Type in your search term followed by site: and then the site you want to search. So, a search for teapots site: will yield a number of teapots from Marks and Spencer’s website. If you are interested in history then the Google newspaper archive maybe useful in your research as it goes back to the 1800’s type in site:

Search by Image

Do you have a picture and want to look for similar pictures then upload your picture to Google here   or right click on an image on the web and ‘search on google’, this will generate a collage of similar images. Great if you are shopping for something particular. Once you are in images, the tools will help you look for different sizes or types and by colour too.


Want some ideas of what to cook? Want to include or omit some ingredients? Salsa but no tomatoes, no problem. Using Chrome on your phone will add a carousel of ideas to your recipes search. This is a new release, and we hope to also see it on the desktop soon.

Search by file type

Looking for a downloadable pdf file, listing the side effects of paracetamol? Ask Google! You can ask for just about any file type you wish, which will save you time.

Don’t worry about grammer or spelling as Google has this all in hand too.