Mast construction is a tricky business

Sorry guys, bad news first

Due to circumstances beyond our control we are not going to make our target of 20th April. Apologies all around for this but we're doing all we can, including working 7 days (I'm posting this on Sunday!). It turns out that sticking a mast 15m into the air isn't as easy as you'd think!

Followed by a progress update

We've dug out a huge hole for the Treeton mast base, and the concrete is almost ready to pour. Orders are in place for many things, including steel tube, laser cut plates and other elements to build our mast, but the engineering firms have turnaround times that are causing us a little delay.

Some of the steel fabrication needs to be completed before we can pour concrete, and then the concrete needs 5 days to cure before we can erect our mast. So this means we're going to be looking at the beginning of May before the mast is in place, at which point we can begin the customer installations.

Here are a few images of the base digging and the resulting hole...

First cut of the base dig

Part complete dig

Final dug out hole ready for cocrete

As always, we continue to do everything within our power to get the connections up and running. We'll update you on progress along the way.

Thanks for your patience!