New status page launched

Uptime and service is key
We've been busy this last few days with an issue in our wireless backhaul to the internet. During this time we've been inundated with support tickets and Facebook posts, all of which take time that could be better spent fixing problems.

Status page is launched
With this in mind we have created a new public test in our monitoring system that continuously checks that our connection to the internet is active. We've been using this since launch and so we do indeed get alerts via email and SMS whenever there is an issue with the network.

In the interest of keeping everything open, we've set up a new public test at that shows the current state of the network and also historic information from this point onwards.

What does this mean?
If the state of the network via this page is DOWN then we are already aware of a problem and will be working to fix it. Any support tickets, Facebook comments or telephone calls received during a network-wide problem that is shown on or on our website status page at will likely not be answered. Our time is best spent working to fix any problem.

If you are experiencing connectivity problems and there is nothing showing on the pages above, then please do get in touch via a support ticket and we'll investigate further.