Power cut at Bole Hill 14 July 2018

At 19:48 on 14 July, a failure in power feeding the part of Treeton fed from the Rotherham sub station occurred. Many customers are affected by the loss of power around the Bole Hill, Flatts Lane area already. At present all of the Bliss core network is online and active, meaning that all customers that still have power will have a connection.

A central part of the core network is currently running on battery back up, however this battery is likely to fail if the power is not restored by around 20:40. Should this occur, customers located on Treetown Crescent, Well Lane, Bole Hill, Flatts Lane and surrounding areas will lose their connection until power is restored.

We are monitoring the situation and will provide updates when we know more.

Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE: Northern Powergrid are are aware and working to resolve the issue: https://twitter.com/Northpowergrid/status/1018213888096178181

UPDATE @ 21:02: The battery backup finally ran out at 20:57 after maintaining over an hour of service. We've requested an update from Northern Powergrid but haven't heard back from them yet. More information to follow once we learn of their progress.

UPDATE @ 21:10: Power has been restored to the core and we're just recovering some connections. All customers are expected to be reconnected within the next 10-15 minutes. 

UPDATE @ 21:22: All connections should now be fully restored. If you still have no connection, please follow the guide at https://blissinternet.co.uk/knowledgebase/article/my-internet-appears-off and get in touch if you're having any trouble after trying this.

Thanks again for your patience and apologies for the disruption.