Power disruptions 30 January

Outage due to power disruptions

Large parts of Treeton and surrounding areas are experiencing a disruption to power. This disruption means many of our relay sites are currently offline after the battery backups were depleted. 

What is affected?

Most customers will experience either total loss of service or some form of degraded service until the power is restored to the entire area.

What is being done?

We continue to monitor the situation with updates from Northern Power, and will act on any news we receive. 

Update 1630:

Power has been restored and we are working to restore services. Please bear with us as we work to restore as the outage has impacted all systems.

Update 1715:

Power is inconsistent and systems are slower to recover than we hoped.  We are monitoring updates from Northern Power and doing everything within our realm of control to restore services as fast as we can.   Please monitor here for updates as the situation progresses.

Thank you for your patience and we apologise for any inconvenience.

Update 1845:

Services are coming back and we are seeing customers reconnect.  Services remain at risk and may be degraded for the time being.  We continue to work to get things back to normal.  Thank you again for your patience and understanding.