Power Outage 10 Sept: Bole Hill Area

Failed Power to Relay Site at 20:31 10th September

At 20:31 a power failure occurred affecting parts of Treeton. Our relay site at Bole Hill is included in this outage and has been without power since this time.

What is affected?

Our site at Bole Hill has a battery backup in place that has been active from 20:31. At the time of writing we are 60 minutes into battery backup and approximately a further 20 minutes of runtime is remaining for this relay site. If the power is not restored before the battery runs out, then customers around Bole Hill, Worral Avenue and Well Lane will lose connectivity.

What is being done?

Updates on the status of the power can be found at https://twitter.com/Northpowergrid/status/906966449394200579

We have a spare UPS (Battery) in Treeton and will consider swapping this with the one at the relay site on Bole Hill if power is not restored swiftly.

We'll provide updates on this as we find out more.

Update: 21:49

Power was restored to the site at 21:39 and appears to be stable again. The UPS ran out of power and switched off the devices at 21:36, meaning that the actual interruption to service for those affected was under 5 minutes.

We will continue to monitor this site for a while longer, and will close down this issue once power has been on for a reasonable period.

Update: 11 Sept 08:31 

Power has been restored and stable throughout the night. This issue is now considered resolved.