Scheduled maintenance 08 Feb 05:30-07:00

As part of our commitment to reinvest into the Bliss network and plan to improve performance, we're undertaking some maintenance next week. To minimise disruption, this maintenance is scheduled for the early hours of Wednesday morning, during a quiet time for the network.

When is it
Wednesday 08 Feb 05:30-07:00

What's affected
All customer connections around Treeton will be unavailable for periods within the specified time.

As always, progress updates will be available on this page during the work.

UPDATE @ 06:30 : Works are progressing well although we anticipate a slight overrun on the maintenance window. Please allow until 07:30 for your connection to be restore. Apologies for this extended maintenance window.

UPDATE @ 07:35 : Everything is now complete and connections should be restored to all customers. If your connection is still inactive, please reboot your devices as described in our guide at

Thanks as always for your patience.