Service degradation 22 June

Foers relay site issues

Affected areas

Approximately 10 customers connected to the relay site at GE Foers, Treeton from the surrounding areas of Station Road and Treetown Crescent.


Affected customers will have intermittent connections and occasional total loss of service.


The link between the relay site and core network is performing sub-optimally, most likely due to misalignment as a result of high winds or other external factors.

Next Steps

We will arrange an engineer to attempt a realignment of the devices. If realignment is unsuccessful, the devices will be replaced. An ETA on this is not currently available but an update will be provided once the work is scheduled.

Apologies to those customers affected by this fault. We will do all we can to resolve the problem swiftly and will provide updates during the process.


23 June @ 13:00

An engineer survey has identified the cause of the problem to be a growth spurt on a tree between the relay site and our core network. This in turn has reduced the performance of a wireless link and caused service disruption to several customers. We are currently assessing the best plan of action to restore services and will provide further updates once this is decided.

23 June @ 16:45

We've had engineers working on this all day, and have managed to restore the network to a functioning state. Affected customers should now have full service again. This relay site is still considered "at risk" as a more robust solution is required. We will provide an update to this post once that work is planned. If any customers in the affected area are still not online, please raise a support ticket and our team will assist you further.