Service Degredation 29 June 2020

Affected areas

Customers in Treeton and surrounding areas,


Affected customers will be experiencing intermittent speed degradation and packet loss.


We are currently investigating the exact cause.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will update here regularly as we know more.


29 June @ 15:45

A hardware failure has led to a loss of connectivity for customers.  Engineers are on site replacing the failed hardware. 

29 June @ 16:10

The hardware has been replaced and services are beginning to come back for all customers.

29 June @ 21:00

Additional faults have been discovered within the same part of the network and are scheduled for replacement at 05:15 30 June. Services may be unavailable for up to 30 minutes during that work.

30 June @ 06:00

Works were completed as planned. Services should now be fully restored and performing well again. For anyone with continued problems, please get in touch with us and we'd be happy to help.