Service outage 2am 09 August

Core network failure

Affected areas

All of the Bliss Internet network.


Affected customers will have total loss of service.


A central piece of switching logic is failed preventing customer traffic from reach the Internet.  

Next Steps

The equipment is being exchanged for a spare kept in stock. Resolution is expected within 3-4 hours.

Apologies to all customers affected by  this fault. We will do all we can to resolve the problem swiftly and will provide updates during the process.


09 Aug @ 03:15

Engineers are on site and have identified a failed switch which needs replacing. A spare is in stock and work will commence shortly.

09 Aug @ 04:30

Replacement work has begun and is expected to be complete by 06:30.

09 Aug @ 05:45

Switch replacement is complete and all services are now restored.