Update: Big network improvements planned

Many of you are aware that since launch the network hasn't been performing well for some of our customers. Before launch we said the last thing we want to do is provide people with a flakey poorly performing connection, so we're well aware that something needs to be done.

It's not been easy figuring out exactly what needs to be done but after lots of time and lots of consultation from outside experts we've got a plan in place to improve the network and provide a stable, better performing connection for everyone. We've been working around the clock to come up with the solution as well as answering lots of support tickets and questions through social media, we apologise if we've been quiet during this time!

The problems with the network as it stands are related to signal levels and interference between customer equipment and the mast. Some of the problems are simply related to things in the way blocking signal reaching customers property, but we've also discovered a problem where devices pointing towards the mast behind one another interfere and cause low signal. When customers with low signal are using the network the sectors on the mast have to work much harder to provide a connection and this impacts performance for all customers connected to that particular sector.

Our plan is to place repeater nodes in strategic locations around the village, each with a strong backlink to the mast. Customer equipment will then point towards a local node rather than directly at the mast. This will eliminate both of the problems outlined above as devices will have a connection point much closer and they'll no longer be facing all in the same direction.

As you can imagine these are very big changes and will require a complete reconfiguration on our end and equipment on your houses will need to be adjusted. We're confident though that the changes will result in a much better performing network and increased speeds and performance for all customers. We've planned 2 - 3 weeks for the changes to be complete and during this time we'll contact customers individually to arrange the reconfiguration of their equipment.

As mentioned before the support ticket system has been very busy and answering tickets is a time consuming job (you may have noticed we've brought in another team member to help) so we would like to ask you to only submit a ticket if absolutely necessary. We're aware which customers have the poorest connection and while we appreciate a slow connection is frustrating there's little we can do for individuals as the problems are network wide.

As ever we appreciate your patience while we figure things out. This is still very new technology that we're working with so finding expert help has been a challenge. We're confident however we can get things running smoothly with this upgrade.