Upgrades so far, a cable fault and future upgrade plans

Point to point upgrades so far
Before Christmas we upgraded the links to 2 of our repeater sites on Bole Hill and on Wood Lane which have been a massive success. Since these upgrades the customers that connect through those repeater sites have been experiencing hugely improved speeds and we're planning to do the other 2 sites in the next couple of weeks.

Faulty cable on the mast
One of the upgrades we did before Christmas feeding Bole Hill has been found to have a faulty cable on our mast. Customers connecting through that repeater site will be experiencing disconnects lasting anywhere from 2 minutes to 10 minutes several times per day. Customers located around Treetown Cres, Well Lane, Bole Hill, and towards that end of Beaumont Park are likely to be affected by this.

We have an engineer climb planned for Tuesday next week in order to rectify the fault and hope that will be the end of the matter.

Future plans / upgrades
We're always working on ways to improve the network, and here are a couple of the plans we have in place at present...

Final 2 repeater site PTP upgrades
The repeater sites on the Bradshaw estate and Carlton Way are still running on the old system. We are planning to begin the upgrades to dedicated point to point links next week, at the same time as the cable repair mentioned above. The works are likely to be complete in the next 2 weeks and should see the rest of the network performing much better.

A complete core network rebuild
Our core network is currently running through a couple of Mikrotik Cloud Core Routers, one in Treeton and the other in HA Hosting's datacentre over in Holbrook. We're currently redesigning this core network to introduce another 4 Mikrotik Cloud Core Routers, making 6 in total. These routers will perform independant functions rather than everything being handled on just the one device, whilst at the same time introducing a resilient failover system so that if a hardware device fails, another is able to take over automatically.

All of this work is exciting and should see improvements to speed, stability and reliability of the entire network. Good times :)