Wood Lane Service Issues May 2018

Slowdown on Wood Lane Repeater Site - 23rd of May 2018

We're working to correct an issue causing slowdowns on one of our Wood lane repeater sites.

What is affected?

One of our repeater sites on Wood Lane.   We are working as quickly as possible to correct.

What is being done?

We are working with our engineers to identify and correct the issue.

If you believe you may be effected by the issue please submit a ticket through your accounts page or by going here: https://blissinternet.co.uk/contact

A member of our customer support team will investigate presently and try to move you to a backup repeater site. 

We apologise for the trouble.

UPDATE - 23rd May: Scheduled Maintenance

The issue has been identified and a fix scheduled for the 24th of May 2018 starting around 13:00.

This work will require the repeater site to be down for approximately 1-2 hours during which time some customers will lose connectivity.  We will migrate as many customers as we can to alternative sites before the work begins and work as quickly as possible to minimise the downtime for customers that can't access an alternaitve uplink.

UPDATE - 24th May: Issue Ongoing

Unfortunately, the issue on the repeater site has not been completely corrected.  Work was completed but some issues persist.  We are investigating further and are working as quickly as possible to complete repairs.  We are also busy moving all customers to alternative sites that are able to do so.  We will update here with more information as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE - 27th May:  Final Repair Scheduled

The additional fault causing issues has been found and we have scheduled repair work for first thing on the morning of the 29th of May 2018.  This should only cause a potential lack of connectivity 1-2 hours for some customers starting around 09:00.  We will work as quickly as possible to minimise the impact.

UPDATE - 29th of May: Repairs Complete

Work has been completed and all customer performce should be back to normal.  If you're still having trouble, please reboot your equipment.  If that does not resolve the issue please contact our customer services team.

We sincerely appreciate everyones patience we apologise for the inconvenience.