Our Service Promise.

Our promise is that we will always be upfront and clear about our speeds and service, quick to react to problems and provide support, and fair in our billing practices.

We know getting what you pay for is important.

Which is why we have a dedicated and local support team that will always work quickly to correct any faults in the service should they occur.  

If at any time we fall short of our promise, your bill will reflect it.

Speed Maximums and Averages.

On our plans page our speed packages are listed with their maximum attainable speed.

You should on average get at least 80% of that speed and we would expect you to do much better than that most of the time.  There may be times it drops below that speed but if it does please let us know about it and we will endevour to discover why and correct any issues we find that may cause a consistent reduction in the quality of your service.

Keep in mind that all your speeds are shared among your devices so when the whole family is home on multiple devices the bandwidth you recieve is shared among all those devices.

In general terms, if you have a speed package that is appropriate for the size of your household you should have a seamless, pleasant experience with our service. If at anytime you don't, please let us know.